Malora BloodBlind

Female Dwarven Paladin wantonly delivers justice




Of all the clans throughout the Broken Spine, the dwarves of Clan GavelFist are renouned for their integrity. When a dispute over mining rights brakes out, a Benchman from the Clan is called. When a GavelFist settles a feud, his word is law. Thus it has been for time without memory.

High Magistrate Jurdic GavelFist had had six sons when Malora was brought into the world. A seventh son would have birthed a natural born sorcerer, the final feather in his powerful cap, but instead came a pallid, whelp of a girl. Clans from across the land sent their condolences. She was named “Malora” which roughly translates to bad omen, unwished-for, or unfortunate. She was reviled, ignored, then finally, forgotten.

This did not stop Malora from becoming an advocate for justice, however. She was a GavelFist, through and through. On the playground she arbitrated all manner of fights and squabbles… though she was never asked to. She was tough, but fair, and eventually people begrudgingly gave her their respect… and even admiration. Word of her abilities grew, even though her decisions were not always the right ones. She was listened to, however, as she was a strong for her age, even by dwarven standards, and charismatic as well. She had “the strength of character and the character of strength.”

One day she found that her eldest brother, Constandat, had taken a bribe that influenced one of his cases. She did some digging and found that this was not the first time. Outraged that any GavelFist would besmirch their integrity and betray the family name, not to mention the affront to justice itself, she brought this to the attention of their father.

The High Magistrate patted her on the head and laughed at her naivete. “This is how justice works, little pebble! For there are two sides to every story… justice isn’t as black and white as you may think! There are many perspectives, gray areas, ways of thought, and even multiple truths. Look at the big picture. Ruling in the favor of the more powerful, wealthier families simply makes sense if we are to keep the kingdom from squabbling. It is our duty to keep the clans united! If they happen to send us a small ‘thank you’ token, what’s the harm? This lets us know we chose the right side.”

Malora couldn’t believe what she was hearing. In a daze, she wandered the Forgotten Caverns outside the OverClan’s boundaries. When she returned a week later, she had no memory of what happened, but she brought with her a small, strange stone, many bruises and abrasions, singed fingertips, and a clarity of purpose. She headed directly for the Council of Elders.

Malora was only 40 years old, barely an adult, but in presenting her case, she held her own. She brought forth undeniable evidence and the Council acceded that it was forced to take measures against her family.

These measures were not what Malora expected, however. They destroyed the evidence and reprimanded the High Magistrate, Jurdic GavelFist, for not “keeping his house clean.” When Malora implored them to reconsider, for justice, they scoffed and told her that loyalty to one’s clan was the foundation on which the dwarven race was built. “Blood Binds!”

Malora was furious, “Only justice is binding… blood is blinding!”

To the dwarves of the Broken Spine, it is only known that Malora was a blood-traitor. In a public display, the High Magistrate, with mock sadness in his voice, condemned Malora as an outcast as a threat to herself, her kin, and their race. She was no longer a GavelFist, he said, because she recognized no familial ties. She was “Blood Blind.”

Cast away from everything she’d ever known, Malora BloodBlind now makes her way south, to flatter land. She dreams of a place that recognizes her and loves her for her righteousness and the justice she brings with her.

Other Notes

A son was born into the GavelFist Clan around the time of Malora’s discovery of her family’s injustices. This precipitated in her increasingly frequent visits to the Halls of Records, learning more and more about Clan justice, ultimately revealing her family’s secret.

Malora still has not identified the stone from the Forgotten Caverns. Perhaps she has not run into a Gem Crafter with enough experience?

The palms of Malora’s hands are permanently scorched black from her Forgotten Caverns adventure, save for scarred white ellipses in the centers, about the size of her mysterious stone. The scarring appears to be magical in nature.

When Malora was kicked out of her mountain home, her face was stained with a mask of red ochre pigment, denoting her Blood-Blindness. This eventually faded away after a couple of months, but she had a double-underline of blood-red tattooed below each eyelid. She wears this as a badge of pride.

Malora BloodBlind

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